Jangin Dakgalbi in Gangnam

Koreans love Chicken PERIOD. That is a fact. When Koreans say they like chicken, they tend to think we’re talking about fried chicken only, but nope. There are plenty of other go-to chicken meals that Koreans enjoy. One of them is Dakgalbi.

Dakgalbi usually entails cooking while eating similar to Korean bbq on a grill and sharing the meal with at least 1 other person. You can’t really order Dakgalbi for a single serving, at least not when you’re eating out.

Now introducing you to Jangin Dakgalbi, conveniently located near Gangnam Station:


As mentioned above, Dakgalbi is paid per serving but shared by a number of people at the table. So here, it’s 8500won per person, but I went with 3 other people so our base price was 8500*4 = 34000 won.

As with many other shared meals, you can add different toppings onto Dakgalbi. Popular choices include Mozzarella cheese, noodles, rice cake, and eggs. These restaurants usually offer a discount for a combination of two or three toppings, so I recommend that you choose that option which is usually the best bang for your buck.


Anything that requires moderate cooking on the table exposes you to a chance of getting sauce on your clothes. This place had one of those plastic aprons that you could put on for your benefit.


There are a couple dishes that come as a side that goes well with Dakgalbi. The Dakgalbi sauce tends to be on the spicier side although you can choose the intensity of spiciness upfront. So the side dish tends to be veggies that can do away the spice in your mouth.


As seen from this picture, We chose several toppings to go with our chicken. We chose ramen noodles, cheese, and rice cakes. That mozzarella cheese right down the middle of the grill though… YUM


We also ordered fried rice, which is an additional option you can choose once you’re done eating the chicken. The waiter will come and cook rice in front of you. The leftover chicken sauce and rice on a grill will never disappoint!

I highly recommend trying Dakgalbi with a group of friends if you are looking for a pleasant visual experience on top of a delicious meal. I don’t recommend wearing expensive clothes though just because the smell can kind of get on your shirt from grilling on the table 😉

Below are the directions to this place:



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